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New Medicare Cards and what you should know

Soon the government is mailing out new Medicare cards. 59 million beneficiaries of Medicare will be receiving these brand-new cards. Along with tips to aid in guarding against any potential scams, here are some things about the new card you should know.

New 2018 Medicare Cards

Starting in April 2018; social security numbers are to be removed from the Medicare cards. Everyone receiving Medicare benefits will be receiving their new cards in the mail. Removing the social security number from Medicare cards is to help reduce the amount of financial fraud.

A randomly generated Medicare Number with 11 characters will be on the new cards. There is no need to do anything for the new cards. This is done automatically. You do not have to pay anything to get your new card. Your card will be mailed to you with no additional costs to your address filed with the Social Security Administration.

Updating your official mailing address.

Online Social Security Account – Visit or call 800-722-1213

Your coverage for benefits stays the same when you get your New Medicare Card.

Don’t worry if you have friends and relatives in different states who receive their card before you do. Over a 12-month period the cards will be mailed out to various parts of the country in waves. This starts in April of 2018 and will end April of 2019. The first states to receive cards between April and June will be Hawaii, District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

States in the last wave will be Michigan, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Mississippi, this will include Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

When the new card arrives, “don’t throw the old card in the trash,” for security, toss it in a shredder, cut it up yourself with a scissors making sure no part of any Social Security number can be seen.

Keep your separate Medicare Advantage card, this will be needed for treatments.

Be aware of Scams!

Lookout for Medicare scams as the new cards are mailed out.

Some tips:

  • Your new card is free! If anyone calls telling you to pay for the card, that’s a scam.
  • Don’t give out personal information! Medicare never asks for personal information to receiver your card. Anyone who calls asking for your Social Security number or bank number to receive your new card; hang up immediately!
  • Always guard your card and keep it safe like you do with any credit card or other health insurance card. While the Social Security number has been removed for security, you still need to protect the new card because criminals can use it to receive medical services.