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Take Advantage of Medicare Open Enrollment 2019 (Medicare OEP 2019)

Medicare is a very important healthcare asset for many seniors and others requiring assistance with health insurance in the United States. Those who are eligible for Medicare can receive assistance and affordable health care to deal with the variety of health issues that can crop up as we age. Enrolling in Medicare can give you peace of mind for yourself or other aging family members for whom you may be caring.

Read on for more information on Medicare open enrollment 2019, how to enroll in Medicare, who qualifies for Medicare, and more.

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Original Medicare

Original Medicare is also known as Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part A is hospital insurance, which helps cover inpatient care, in-hospital care, nursing facility care, some home health services, and hospice care for qualified patients.

Medicare Part B helps cover medical insurance. This can help cover medical services and supplies that you need to treat health conditions you might have. Outpatient care, preventative health care, ambulances, and durable medical equipment can all be covered by Medicare Part B. Some patients could also receive part-time or temporary home health, such as physical therapy, that is needed to treat your medical condition(s).

Individuals qualify for Medicare Part B when they turn 65. You can also be automatically enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B if you have a qualified disability.

Medicare Advantage Plans for 2019

Medicare Advantage plans are a way to get different kinds of healthcare that you might require. In addition to offering the same coverage as Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans will give you options to include prescription drug coverage, vision and hearing coverage, dental coverage, and more.

These Medicare Advantage plans are beneficial for people who require additional health support for hearing, vision, dental, or prescription drug coverage. Glasses, required medications, hearing aids, dentures, and other needed medical care and equipment can be expensive and having a Medicare Advantage plan can help cover some of the cost of that care.

Medicare Advantage plans are offered through private insurance companies and are required to all offer the same kind of coverage. Individuals with a Medicare Advantage plan usually pay a small deductible for the services, as well as co-pays for doctor visits and co-insurance. Medicare Advantage plans contain hospitalization coverage as well as coverage options for prescription drugs and lab tests that you might need.

Depending on the coverage you choose, you might have to pay nothing for your monthly premium; some people may have a small premium payment.

With changes to the health care system happening regularly, there have been a few updates to the Medicare Advantage plans for 2019. In 2019, advantage plans may not be offered in all areas of the United States. Certain doctors and hospitals participate in Medicare Advantage plans, so individuals interested in signing up for a Medicare Advantage plan should see if their preferred doctor is enrolled in these services, too.

Do your research to make sure that your insurance, whether it is Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan, takes care of the services you use most often with the doctors and hospitals you would go to in case of a medical event in your life.

Medicare Supplemental Insurance for 2019

Medigap insurance is a type of supplemental insurance that can help people obtain more health insurance coverage for medical problems they may have. Medicare supplemental insurance works with Original Medicare to financially assist people pay for health care visits. Medigap can be a good insurance policy option for people who need a little more help with the financial side of health insurance, in addition to closing health insurance coverage gaps they may have.

Medigap policies can be purchased when you turn 65 during your initial enrollment period or the annual open enrollment period for that year. Individuals can enroll in Medigap even if there are pre-existing health issues in your life. If you miss the open enrollment period for Medigap, you may have to undergo a medical exam to qualify medically for supplemental health insurance. Check your Medigap options alongside your other Medicare choices when you turn 65 to make sure you are taking full advantage of this program if you qualify.

Medigap policies can be used wherever a doctor, hospital, or medical center accepts Medicare. Medicare supplemental insurance helps with deductibles and co-pays alongside Original Medicare. There are 10 Medigap options for people to choose from, so individuals can see what policy would benefit them the most.

How to Enroll in Medicare

If you are turning 65, you may be eligible to enroll in Medicare. If you receive benefits from social security or the Railroad Retirement Board, you will be automatically enrolled in Original Medicare, which is Medicare Parts A and B, the same month you turn 65. You can also enroll in the Medicare program three months before your 65th birthday and up to four months afterward (for a total of a seven-month initial enrollment period). This is called your Initial Enrollment Period, or IEP. This is different from the annual enrollment period, or open enrollment, which occurs at the same time every year.

In most cases, once you are enrolled in Medicare, you don’t have to re-enroll or renew your Medicare plan every year. If you want to change your Medicare policy, though, you can do that during the annual Medicare open enrollment period. This gives you the chance to change your policy or choose a different coverage option that meets your needs.

Medicare Open Enrollment 2019

Medicare Enrollment 2019, also known as the Medicare OEP 2019, runs between October 15th, 2018, and December 7th, 2018. During this annual enrollment period, individuals who qualify for Medicare can renew or change their Medicare policies. For instance, if you have an Original Medicare plan but want to switch to a Medicare Advantage plan, you can do so during this annual open enrollment period.

If you miss your initial enrollment period and the annual open enrollment period for Medicare, you might have to pay more to obtain Medicare coverage. Additionally, you might spend more because of pre-existing conditions that you have. If you enroll during your initial enrollment period or during an annual open enrollment period, you won’t have to worry about your insurance rates increasing because of pre-existing conditions. You also won’t have to worry about being rejected for health insurance because of health problems you may have or might be at a higher risk of developing.

If you want to obtain Medicare coverage for 2019, it’s important to remember when the open enrollment period is. If you are 65 or about to turn 65, have End Stage Renal Disease, have Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or qualify for disability, you can enroll in Medicare. Individuals interested in Medicare insurance need to be US citizens or legal, permanent residents of five years or more.

Enrolling in Medicare

Enrolling in Medicare is simple and straightforward; if you’re 65, you’re likely already automatically enrolled. If you’re curious about finding out more about Medicare, the different plans, supplemental Medigap insurance, and more, you can visit the official Medicare website at This has many resources for individuals looking to see if they qualify for Medicare and how this program can benefit them.

Medicare is a federally funded health care insurance option for seniors in the United States. This program is used to provide health insurance and financial assistance to seniors in the country who are experiencing common health ailments as they age. If you qualify, be sure to take advantage of the 2019 Medicare open enrollment period between October 15th, 2018, and December 7th, 2018.

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