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Medicare for All

There is a new Analysis showing that “Medicare for All” can cover everyone; and at the same time cut costs. California’s (SB 562) is showing it would cut back on state spending for healthcare by nearly 20% in a new financial analysis as well as polls showing 7 of 10 voters would support a universal coverage plane. Not only are new polls showing it would be very popular, the California’s single payer bill known as the “The Healthy California Act.”  This bill would also cut costs when providing coverage for all.

This was the conclusion published Wednesday in a new analysis by (PERI) “Political Economy Research Institute. “

“We estimated that with implementation of “Healthy California” the overall costs for providing a full health coverage plan to “All” Californians could then fall about 18%. Relative to spending levels now under the existing system,” authors of the report noted.”

In conclusion:

The bill for “Healthy California” (single-payer system) will then generate financial benefits; both for families as well as businesses all throughout the California economy. The financial benefits would be substantial for most income level families and most sizes of businesses. These are benefits that are in addition to what the residents in California have through universal access to good decent healthcare.

Poles are showing an increase in favorability towards single payer healthcare by most Americans as polls show that the American Health Care Act is very unpopular. Last year a majority of Americans showed support for replacing the Affordable Care Act for this Medicare for all style of program by Gallup. If implemented properly as shown in PERIs analysis, this could be a fiscally sound public policy.

A new survey, “published by Tulhchin Research firm,” is showing that Californians strongly support the following objectives:

  • 94% – of those who responded are in favor of lower healthcare costs
  • 82% – are in favor of eliminating all out of pocket expenses for covered services, elimination of premiums, co-pays, and deductibles.
  • 81% – would support ensuring that all Californians have healthcare.
  • 70% – of Californians are in favor of establishing a public “Medicare for all type system.”

There were previous reports that suggested the Healthy California Act would in fact impose an exorbitant cost on the state which would be unsustainable.

CNBC worryingly declared “Democrats single payer health care has just become a nightmare which followed a publication of a study which was conducted by the California State Senate claiming they found the HCA would have an annual cost of $400 billion.