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Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Posted by on Jul 17, 2018 in Medicare News, Medigap Plans, News | Comments Off on Does Medicare Cover Dental?

A question often asked is, “does Medicare offer any dental coverage?” The answer is that it will depends, and there is limited dental coverage under the Original Medicare which doesn’t cover most of the routine dental services. Yet you may find routine dental coverage to be available under a Medicare Advantage plan. These are Medicare-contracted private insurance companies offering various benefits know as Medicare Advantage plans. The following is an overview covering different situations allowing you to get help on dental costs and how...

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How Much Will Medicare Cost in 2019?

Posted by on Jul 13, 2018 in Medicare News, News | Comments Off on How Much Will Medicare Cost in 2019?

Because health always comes first, a discussing Medicare costs becomes a priority. As Medicare becomes your primary health insurance plan, then you must know what financial adjustments are needed to cover the cost. Medicare does come with premiums and co-pays, deductible costs just like private health insurance does. So, the total amount for health care cost paid each year will often change. The change in healthcare cost may sometime be higher or lower depending on your income, current rate of inflations, medical history as well as other...

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Patient statuses and Medicare coverage

Posted by on May 1, 2018 in Medicare News, News | Comments Off on Patient statuses and Medicare coverage

How the observation and the inpatient hospital status can affect Medicare Coverage When you lay in bed wearing a hospital gown in the bed of a hospital room you would think it’s logical to assume you’ve been admitted to the hospital. Yet this is an assumption which can be wrong. You may be in the hospital under observation status which my drastically affect the coverage you have during and after your time in the hospital. Understanding the difference between the type of status being inpatient or observation is important to know. Hospital...

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What to know about both Medicare and Social Security benefits?

Posted by on Apr 30, 2018 in Medicare News, News | Comments Off on What to know about both Medicare and Social Security benefits?

When covering the bases, you want to learn about your options for Medicare and Social Security. How old do you have to be or at what age is a person eligible for Medicare? This is a good question since Social Security says full retirement is at age 66. Does this mean Medicare benefits begin when your reach the age 66? This question is asked by many people because the Social Security “retirement age will vary”. Some people will choose to opt in at age 62. They receive a smaller amount than if they had waited until the reached the “full...

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