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Medicare Advantage beneficiaries will now receive more supplemental benefits

New benefits that may be offered to the Medicare Advantage coverage once the new federal rules have taken effect in the next year. For example, air conditioners for those with asthma, rides to appointments, healthy groceries, and home delivered meals.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has expanded its definitions for “primarily health related” benefits which health insurers are permitted to include for Medicare Advantage policies. These extras would be included by insurers that is on top of traditional Medicare benefits.

More supplemental benefits for “Medicare Advantage beneficiaries” will make it easier for people to lead more independent healthier live.

20 million of the 61 million people who had enrolled in Medicare last year; chose to use Medicare Advantage which is a privately-run alternative for the traditional program offered by the government. Members of Advantage plans are limited to a network of health providers. Similar restrictions can be applied to these new benefits.

While many of the Medicare Advantage plans will already offer some different benefits, which are not covered by traditional Medicare. These can include items like hearing aids, eyeglasses, dental care or gym memberships. New rules pursued by industry, will significantly expand to some items that might not be considered directly as medical treatment.