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Is There Dental Insurance with Medicare?

Is there dental insurance with Medicare?

Most dental care is not covered by Medicare which include supplies, dental procedures, cleanings, tooth extractions, fillings, dental plates, dentures or other types of devices. Certain dental services are paid by Medicare Part A Hospital insurance that are received while in the hospital. If you have complicated dental procedures or emergency procedures, Medicare Part A can pay for this even when dental care is not covered.

Dental is not seen as medically necessary and Original Medicare does not cover dental exams. There are many Medicare Advantage Plans help cover Dental so you do have options to help in covering costs for dental. Medicare Advantage Part C plans do offer the same coverage found in the Original Medicare Parts A & B and can included dental and vision cares as well as prescriptions drug coverage.

These are plans offered by private insurance companies. Medicare Advantage plans will vary from plan to plan and have different types of coverage and the cost so you will need to shop around.

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