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2017 Donut Hole discount Increase Cost

Next year in 2017 the Donut Hole discounts for generic drugs will increase. This will be increasing going from 42 percent to 49 percent if you reach your Donut Hole that or the Coverage-Gap-phase in the Medicare Pare D plan health coverage.

So in 2017 the amount you spend after the discount will then count against your out of pocket spending limit which is known as TrOOP.  2016 you receive a 42 percent discount then pay 58 percent of the retail on generic drug prices.

Brand name drug increases for Donut Hole discounts in 2017 as well. Brand name increases go up to 60 percent whereas 2016 discounts are 55 percent then receive a 90% credit of cost of retail drugs. This goes toward your 2017 total out of pocket maximum also known as the Donut Hole exit point which is 40 percent you had to spend in addition to the 50 percent drug manufacturer discounts.

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